Grid Studies

By design the monome grid does nothing on its own. You the user assign it purpose and meaning: instrument, experiment, tool, toy… choose your own adventure. This grid is intended to be reimagined. Here we set forth to impart some introductory knowledge: potential energy for radical creative freedom.

The following tutorials show how to use different languages and environments to achieve the same goal: a playable step sequencer which interfaces with the grid.

  • Max – a highly refined graphical patching environment.
  • Arduino – embedded programming to connect grids to external hardware.
  • Processing – integrated development environment for visual experimentation.
  • Puredata – open-source graphical patching for audio processing.
  • SuperCollider – synthesis engine and programming environment.
  • Python – general purpose programming language.
  • Node.js – web-centric script programming platform.

Grids in Education

We now offer an educational discount to currently enrolled college and university students. The discount is 10%, limited to a single grid which we sell directly. Contact with school and government IDs attached.

In addition we also offer institutional package pricing and workshops extending from the Grid Studies series of tutorials. Please contact for further details and to discuss how we can best introduce the grids to your students.