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norns shield assembly guide.


  • first: a quick, printable introduction.
  • play: a longer introduction and a great starting point.
  • wifi / update / files: network connections, norns system updates, and file transfers.
  • maiden: manage projects and import scripts.
  • community scripts + mods: learn more about the community scripts and mods generously shared for norns.
  • control + clock: integrate norns with other tools (eg. MIDI controllers and external synths).
  • scripting: scripting studies, tutorials, and reference material.
  • help: deeper device and system troubleshooting.

current version: latest


norns is the result of generous contributions by many people, and the ecosystem continues to evolve. We welcome discussion and code to help further the goal of an open, dynamic instrument creation platform. Check out the github repo. To try out the latest changes to the code, you can read about compiling norns. There’s also a guide on extending norns if you have new functionality you’d like to add.

We’re also always looking for help with documentation, if your skills include design, instruction, or proofreading. Collective efforts have created numerous exceptional projects over the years, and there’s more to a project than just code!

Found a bug? Let us know. Please file a github issue or let us know on lines.


This project would not have been possible without linux. Currently we’re using Supercollider for DSP extensibility.

matron (control system) and crone (audio system) were created by @catfact. maiden (editor) was created by @ngwese. Each grew with contributions from @artfwo, @jah, @simon, @rv, @pq, @markwheeler, @csboling and many others.

norns was initiated by @tehn (monome).