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An open, tactile instrument that allows the user to imagine and define its function.

The monome grid by default does nothing. Connected to a computer or module, interaction is determined by the chosen application: sequencer, sample cutter, tone map, polyrhythm machine. We’ve put together studies to help you create your own.

Resources for connecting to:

  • norns - sound computer made by monome
  • computer - macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • modular - Eurorack modules which support the grid

Additional information:

  • serialosc - an OSC server to connect a grid to your macOS, Windows or Linux machine
  • firmware - late 2022 through early 2024 grid update
  • editions - information about different device generations
  • disassembly - guides for disassembling the hardware
  • care - some suggestions for device maintenance (tl;dr: don’t rest other gear on top of grid, as it will discolor pads)
  • bus power upgrade - some very early grid models had external power, they can be updated