code as musical language.

norns studies

comprehensive tutorials on individual elements of the norns ecosystem. through these resources, you’ll learn how to translate your musical ideas into scripts and how to extend those scripts to speak with all kinds of friends.

core concepts:

  • first light // learning to see. edit a script.
  • many tomorrows // variables, simple maths, keys + encoders
  • patterning // screen drawing, for/while loops, tables
  • spacetime // functions, parameters, time
  • physical // incorporating grids + midi
  • streams // system polls, osc, file storage
  • softcut // a multi-voice sample playback and recording system built into norns
  • clocks // create timed and clock-synced function calls: loops, repetition, and delays



while you don’t need to master the entire lua language to make the most of norns, you eventually may be interested in checking out more traditional programming texts.


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additional community resources:

edits to these pages welcome, see monome/docs