monome docs


norns studies – series of tutorials for creating scripts


setup and introduction – first steps. start here.

  • max 7 package – several patchers and tools for use within Max 7.
  • mark eats sequencer – rapid performance sequencer.
  • the party van – live sampling performance instrument.
  • control – open midi control surface for grids.
  • grainfields – granular instrument for grids (also a max for live version).
  • re:mix – extended mlr within ableton live.
  • mlrv – the quintessential grid-based sampling instrument.
  • sum – a collection of essential monome apps synced together to work as one flexible tool for creating music.
  • terms – sum, pulled apart, as max for live plugins for ableton
  • capstarc – tactile sample scrubbing for arc

applications – the growing collection.

grid studies – grid-programming tutorials for numerous environments.

technical – osc and serial reference information. libraries.


technical – firmware updates, preset management, and development.


  • information – details about aleph sound computer.
  • reference – information about modules and applications.
  • tutorial – introduction to using the aleph.
  • development – guides for creating your own modules, applications, and bees operators.



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