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Firmware Update

New firmware can be checked and installed now through druid. Make sure you have the latest version which supports this feature.

Linux / Mac OS

With crow connected to your computer, open a terminal and execute:

druid firmware

You should see something like this:

Checking for updates...
>> git version 2.2.0
>> local version:  2.0.0
Downloading new version:
Crow bootloader enabled.
File: crow.dfu
    b'DfuSe' v1, image size: 304605, targets: 1
    b'Target' 0, alt setting: 0, name: "ST...", size: 304320, elements: 1
      0, address: 0x08020000, size: 304312
    usb: 0483:df11, device: 0x0000, dfu: 0x011a, b'UFD', 16, 0x03737ae6
Writing memory...
0x08020000  304312 [=========================] 100% 
Exiting DFU...
Update complete.


Before updating crow you’ll need to install the driver for crow’s bootloader, and the libusb1 DLL file so that the PowerShell can talk to crow’s bootloader.

NB: If you’ve previously installed & used dfu-util you should be able to run druid firmware in PowerShell.

Install the WinUSB driver using Zadig

  • put crow in bootloader mode: open druid, send ^^b (crow will disconnect from druid), enter q to quit.
  • download Zadig
  • open Zadig and from Options check "List All Devices"
  • select crow: dfu bootloader from the list (if you see crow: telephone line then crow is not in bootloader mode)
  • for the current driver, you should see None or STTub30 (v3.0.4.0)
  • to the right of the green arrow, you should have WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385) (if you don’t, please select it)
  • click the Replace Driver button and wait a few minutes for the process to complete

Install libusb.dll

  • download libusb1.dll
  • make a folder in your user directory called Drivers, eg: C:\Users\Trent\Drivers
  • add the new Drivers folder to your PATH variable. Instructions here.
  • extract the DLL file, and place it in the folder you just created

Update the Firmware

  • Open a new PowerShell as Administrator
  • run druid firmware and watch your crow absorb new knowledge


To check the current version inside of druid, type ^^version into the command line.

Manual Update

If you have trouble, see the manual update.