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Environment Commands

The below commands should be integrated into a host environment as macros or commands. In particular, the user shouldn’t need to worry about typing them explicitly. norns should provide higher-level functions that send these low-level commands & split up larger code pieces automatically.

The following commands are parsed directly from usb, so should work even if the Lua environment has crashed. nb: start/execute/write-script won’t work correctly if the env is down though. Use ^^clearscript first.

nb: only the first char after the ^^ symbol matters, so the host can simply send a 3 char command (eg ^^s) for brevity & speed

  • ^^startscript: sets crow to reception mode. following code will be saved to a buffer.
  • ^^executescript: crow will restart. buffered code will be error-checked and run immediately.
  • ^^writescript: crow will restart. buffered code will be error-checked, written to flash, then run.
  • ^^clearscript: clears a saved user script. use this if your script is crashing crow. or you want a clean slate.
  • ^^First: restarts crow and sets First as the default script to run on boot, and runs it.
  • ^^printscript: requests crow to print the current user script saved in flash over usb to the host. prints a note if no user script exists or First is running.
  • ^^bootloader: jump directly to the bootloader.
  • ^^reset: reboots crow (not just Lua env). nb: causes usb connection to be reset.
  • ^^kill: restarts the lua environment but doesn’t run the user script.
  • ^^identity: returns serial number.
  • ^^version: returns current firmware version.

Recovering from an unresponsive state

It’s entirely possible to upload crow scripts that will make crow unresponsive and require clearing of the on-board script.

The gentlest way to deal with this situation is to send the ^^clearscript command over usb

  • druid: ^^c
  • norns: crow.clear()

If your crow is connected to your computer through usb + properly powered, but druid reports it can't find crow device: