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Syntax Description
my_arc = arc.connect(n) Assign this connected arc to a script, defaults to port 1 unless n is specified
my_arc:led(ring, x, val) Set state of single LED on a specific ring of this connected arc, accepts val 0 (off) - 15 (full bright)
my_arc:all(val) Set state of all LEDs of this connected arc, expects val 0 (off) - 15 (full bright)
my_arc:segment(ring, from, to, val) Create an anti-aliased point to point arc segment/range on a specific ring of this connected arc, ‘from’ and ‘to’ expect radians
my_arc:refresh() Update any dirty LEDs on this connected arc, delta) Pass encoder delta events to a script : function
arc.add() User script callback when any arc is connected
arc.remove() User script callback when any arc is disconnected


Syntax Description
my_arc.device Returns identifiers for this arc : table Returns this arc’s id : number
my_arc.device.port Returns this arc’s port : number Returns this arc’s name : string
my_arc.device.serial Returns this arc’s serial : string


-- none yet


Connects a script to a connected arc, to add high-resolution bi-directional control data. LEDs can be redrawn either by directly targeting LED positions (numbers 1 through 64, with wrapping) or LED segments (radians with wrapping). Like the norns hardware encoders, arc encoders can control script data.