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Syntax Description
my_control =, max, warp, step, default, units, quantum, wrap) Create a control specification for a parameter (if building via specific parameter template)
my_control = controlspec.def(min, max, warp, step, default, units, quantum, wrap) Create a control specification for a parameter (if building via generic parameter constructor)
my_control:map(value) Transform an incoming value between 0 and 1 through this controlspec
my_control:unmap(value) Un-transform a transformed value into its original value
my_new_control = my_control:copy() Copy a controlspec’s definitions to another controlspec
my_control:print() Print out the configuration of this controlspec


Syntax Description
controlspec.UNIPOLAR converts values to a unipolar range
controlspec.BIPOLAR converts values to bipolar range
controlspec.FREQ converts to a frequency range
controlspec.LOFREQ converts to a low frequency range
controlspec.MIDFREQ converts to a mid frequency range
controlspec.WIDEFREQ converts to an exponential frequency range from 0.1 to 20khz
controlspec.PHASE maps into pi for controlling phase values
controlspec.RQ converts to an exponential RQ range
controlspec.MIDI converts to a MIDI range (default 64)
controlspec.MIDINOTE converts to a range for MIDI notes (default 60)
controlspec.MIDIVELOCITY converts to a range for MIDI velocity (default 64)
controlspec.DB converts to a dB range
controlspec.AMP converts to a linear amplitude range (0-1)
controlspec.PAN converts to a panning range (-1 - 1)
controlspec.DETUNE converts to a detune range
controlspec.RATE converts to a sensible range for playback rate
controlspec.BEATS convert to a good range for beats
controlspec.DELAY converts to a good range for delay


-- nb. no on-screen script interaction!
-- open PARAMETERS > EDIT to see the result of this code

function init()
  amp = controlspec.AMP

  pan = controlspec.PAN

  del = controlspec.DELAY
  params:add_control("delay_time","delay time",del)

  freq_L = controlspec.def{
    min = 0.00, -- the minimum value
    max = 5.0, -- the maximum value
    warp = 'lin', -- a shaping option for the raw value
    step = 0.01, -- output value quantization
    default = 2.5, -- default value
    units = 'khz', -- displayed on PARAMS UI
    quantum = 0.01, -- each delta will change raw value by this much
    wrap = false -- wrap around on overflow (true) or clamp (false)
 params:add_control("filter_frequency_L","filter frequency L",freq_L)

 freq_R = freq_L:copy()
 freq_R.default = 3
 params:add_control("filter_frequency_R","filter frequency R",freq_R)



A class which helps defines the range of a parameter. You can either construct your own controls or use any of the supplied presets.