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VCV Rack (macOS, Windows and Linux)

The monome project began, and continues, with a strong commitment to open source hardware and software. All of our Eurorack modules have public repositories, where one can dive into their source code and remix their functions freely, to encourage the development of community and to allow these ideas to take on new forms and lives.

Over the years, we have been lucky to see this potential energy realized through the generosity of many – specifically @scanner-darkly, @csboling, @samdoshi, and @ngwese whose contributions have shaped and improved the codebases for these modules well beyond their first imaginings.

@Dewb has struck up a new chapter, bringing Teletype, Ansible, White Whale, Meadowphysics, and Earthsea into the virtual modular synthesis playground VCV Rack. The monome library fully replicates the hardware projects in a free software environment, connecting directly to hardware grids over USB and even offering virtual grids in all sizes.

If you’re just getting started with grid, we highly recommend this collection as a fantastic orientation. To begin your explorations, visit @Dewb’s docs for an overview of each VCV Rack module and downloadable quick-start patches. Since each virtual module is a faithful reproduction of its hardware counterpart, the documentation on this site ( will further your explorations.

May these instruments live on.