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Max (macOS and Windows)

While grid’s compatibility and potential with Max remains current, computing has changed quite a bit over the last decade and a half. Therefore, the projects contained in this section may have different levels of stability as OS and host application updates introduce breaking changes.

Max can be downloaded and run for free, without a license (a license is required to save your changes, however). In the section below, you’ll also find many Max for Live devices, which can be run in Max for free (just drag the .amxd file directly into a patcher) or within Ableton’s Live Suite (or using Ableton’s Max for Live add-on).



  • grainfields – 8 voice granular synthesizer.
  • anaphora – simple, live-input focused mlr variant.
  • anachronism – asynchronous digital tape looping interface.
  • versos – multi-track looper and sampler for grids with 64 keys.


  • max package – several patchers and tools for use within Max, rolled by monome.
  • conway music – conway’s game of life, midi-fied.
  • markov music – make music with a simple Markov chain.
  • control – open midi control surface for grids.


  • capstarc – tactile sample scrubbing for arc.
  • cascades – 65,536 combinations of 16th note patterns across seven tracks.
  • pear – dual manual tape player for arc and Max.


collected is a large unsorted repository of applications contributed over the years. We’ve also collected numerous old monomeserial applications which are basically obsolete, but could be updated easily given some small ambition.

Max for Live

If you have access to Ableton Live Suite (or the Max for Live add-on for Live Standard), there are a number of Max for Live devices which integrate grid into your Live Sets.

  • terms: a collection of essential monome applications, synchronized and integrated within Ableton Live Suite (works with Live 11 / Live 10 / Live 9)
  • gridlab: a suite of devices which collect a number of unique sequencers and utilities
  • grainfields: eight-voice granulator with grid control
  • control: transforms grid into a collection of assignable MIDI controls
  • elements – a collection of Max for Live midi controls for grids.