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open source! many of the applications require Max which includes a free runtime.

contact to have your application listed. we suggest github for hosting your project.

  • max package – several patchers and tools for use within Max.
  • mark eats sequencer – rapid performance sequencer.
  • the party van – live sampling performance instrument.
  • control – open midi control surface for grids.
  • grainfields – granular instrument for grids (also a max for live version)
  • re:mix – extended mlr within ableton live.
  • mlrv – the quintessential grid-based sampling instrument.
  • sum – a collection of essential monome apps synced together to work as one flexible tool for creating music.
  • terms – sum, pulled apart, as max for live plugins for ableton
  • capstarc – tactile sample scrubbing for arc


  • mlr – the original live sample-cutting platform.
  • meadowphysics – rhizomatic cascading counter.
  • straw – grid-based FM synthesizer.
  • inkblot – additive synthesis with rorschach patterns.
  • life – conway’s game of life.


  • flin – a cyclic poly-rhythm music box.
  • polygome – arpeggiating pattern instrument.
  • decisions – generative maze run. trigger scripts to make midi note and cc data.
  • plane – scrolling monophonic diatonic step sequencer with MIDI and CV outputs.
  • arpshift – a melodic, interval based, poly-rhythmic arpeggiator.
  • corners – gravity and friction. velocities and positions mapped to sound parameters and events.
  • parc – probabilistic sequencer/arpeggiator.
  • cygnet – real-time eight-track performance recorder.
  • muon – emergent feedback sequencer.
  • press cafe – real-time rhythmic pattern performance.
  • soyuz – scrolling step sequencer.
  • residue – TR-style step sequencer.
  • xor – cross-influenced event generator.
  • quantum – generative sequencer based on siteswap, a juggling notation.

max for live

  • re:mix – extended mlr.
  • grainfields – granular instrument for grids
  • gridlab – a suite of maxforlive monome devices.
  • elements – a collection of midi controls for grids.
  • anaphora – simple, live-input focused mlr variant.
  • anachronism – asynchronous digital tape looping interface
  • prosody – a modular collection of effects for grids & no grids


  • pages – extremely in-depth java-based multi-instrument, with integration with ableton live.
  • mesh – inter-app meta-gesture recorder.



collected is a large unsorted repository of applications contributed over the years. we’ve also collected numerous old monomeserial applications which are basically obsolete, but could be updated easily given some small ambition.