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Aleph Hardware Build

A guide to taking apart the Aleph. With part numbers.

This process is not for the faint of heart, and will take at least 30 minutes to disassemble and reassemble.


  • 1/16” hex wrench
  • 3/16” hex socket (to tighten/remove standoffs)
  • 3/32” hex wrench (if you need to remove the rubber feet)


1. The fully assembled unit

2. Remove the rubber knobs by hand

3. Remove the hex nuts from the encoders

  • Part: hex nut 1/2” 3/8-32
  • Order: digikey 1456K-ND

4. Use 1/16” hex driver to remove (6) black screws on bottom.

  • Part: button head 3/8” 4-40
  • Order: mcmaster 97763A103

5. Remove front (2) hex jack nuts

  • Part: 1/4” audio jack nut plastic
  • Order: mouser 550-1005

6. remove top plate assembly

Gently tilt the back upwards, pivoting on the front edge. Pull back once free so the front jacks slide through.

7. The enclosure remains

8. Plastic standoff closeup

There are (6) plastic standoffs placed over the screw points on the enclosure. these need to sit tightly to separate the pcb from the enclosure.

  • Part: nylon spacer 1/8 #8
  • Order: mcmaster 94639A101

9. Remove (9) rear jack nuts

10. Remove (2) screws which retain back plate

11. Screw closeup

  • Part: button head 3/16” 4-40
  • Order: mcmaster 91255A105

12. Backplate removed

13. Gently pry circuit apart

Start with the left side of the unit, which has a shorter header. Do this slowly as to not overextend the connectors.

When re-assembling it’s very important to make sure the headers are properly aligned!

14. Board separated on one side

15. Separate other side of board

Make sure this is properly aligned when re-assembling!

16. Separated

There’s a small ribbon cable still attached, be wary!

17. Disconnect ribbon

Note orientation of the red side.

18. Remove ribbon, remove (3) screws

  • Part: button head 3/16” 4-40
  • Order: mcmaster 92949A105

19. Remove (4) threaded hex standoffs, with washers

Use 3/16” hex socket.

  • Part: female-male hex standoff, 3/16” 3/4” length
  • Order: mcmaster 93505A119

  • Part: nylon washer #4 0.025 thickness
  • Order: mcmaster 90295A362

20. Closeup of standoff with washer

21. Remove standoff with threaded L bracket

When reassembling, align bracket with side of circuit board, so the thread of the bracket points directly back.

  • Part: L bracket, one hole, one thread, 4-40
  • Order: mouser 534-612

22. Remove top plate from circuit board

Gently pry all sides. The OLED screen has a header which is connected to the circuit board near the four keys.

When reassembling ensure the screen header re-attaches to the circuit board.

23. Remove key caps and risers

Key risers provide an even throw distance. be sure they’re added prior to putting keys back on.

24. Remove screen

(4) screws hold the screen into the plate. There are (4) nylon washers which provide support.

When reassembling, place the screen and add the two side screws without fully screwing down. Push the screen upwards (towards the knobs) and hold while tightening screws– ensure horizontal alignment. Add top screws which can be tightened pretty well to prevent movement of the clear screen mask.

25. It’s very much apart!

A few more parts

The hex standoff attached to the plate:

  • Part: female-female hex standoff 3/16” 1/2” length
  • Order: mcmaster 91780A513

Rubber feet:

  • Part: rubber bumper
  • Order: mcmaster: 9540K51