collective documentation

we share information. we grow and explore together with your help. contributions are greatly appreciated.

host your monome-related projects here! files can be freely uploaded.

featured applications

  • monome_sum - (monome) a collection of essential monome apps synced together to work as one flexible tool for creating music.
  • mark eats sequencer - (markeats) rapid performance sequencer.
  • mlrv - (parallelogram) the quintessential grid-based sampling instrument.
  • flin - (tehn) falling bits music box. polyrhythm sequencer.
  • pages - (phortran) extremely in-depth java-based multi-instrument. excellent integration with ableton live.
  • polygome - (stretta) dynamic pattern instrument. possibly the most sophisticated arpeggiator ever.
  • the party van - (rodrigo constanzo) live sampling performance instrument.
  • parc - (tehn) probabalistic step sequencer.
  • returns - (tehn) midi cc control and lfo
  • electric dharma wheels - (stretta) ringing fm-synthesis cycling rhythms.
  • monome test - (monome) quickly test your grid and arc.

how to add your application

type app:newapp into the search field (replace newapp with the name of your own), then search. then click the large create this page button. fill out the template. when you're finished, let us know on the forum and we'll add your app to the catalog.