03/10/23 - norns and crow are sold out. we'll have new batches of crow and grids later this spring.

03/07/23 - crow returns this on friday 1pm EST. note that the price has increased due to modern times. we'll also have a small number of b-stock norns. shipping will begin next week.

02/10/23 - we'll have a small batch of grids available next week, on the 17th at 1pm EST. the following day we'll have discounted b-stock grids available. shipping will happen a week or so after.

02/01/23 - crow is returning. some of the long-time part shortages have eased and we've started receiving components. we're working on some software improvements in anticipation of shipping a new batch. dates will be announced soon.

01/01/23 - shipping updates now have a dedicated page.

monome — updated 03/13/23