20 01 2015 featured


two-tone aluminum and warm white light.


shipping now.

01 12 2014 featured

behold, earthsea

welcome the third member in the monome modular trilogy, earthsea. a shape-memory pattern instrument.

earthsea lets you play your synth directly using a tone map, recall CV parameter sets with shapes, and add flexible pattern recording to weave a flurry of sound.

details here.

available immediately.

06 11 2014 featured

grid kit

we’ve made a grid kit. it has the newest electronics from the current 128, meaning it’ll be perfect for our eurorack modules. the kit includes a milled faceplate and bottom plate, ready to play after some assembly.

surface mount soldering is required. you choose and source your own LED. we’ve written up a full guide at monome.org/docs/gridkit.

this is limited edition. we will not be making this kit as an ongoing product.

and it’s $480. get one here.

30 09 2014 featured

meadowphysics as a module

rhizomatic cascading counter. run it like flin or boing or weirder. it exists as an aleph operator and a grid-driven max/msp patch, and now it can live in eurorack modular land.

this video quickly demonstrates some live patching, highlighting the ability to hot-swap the usb cable between multiple monome modules– here we switch between the white whale and meadowphysics with seamless timing and a quick refresh. patching usb is as natural as moving a 3.5mm cable.

more details on the modular page and also see the full documentation.

01 09 2014 featured

white whale

we made a module that talks to your modular synth, allowing the grid to play with no help from computers.

it’s a live probabilistic step sequencer. it’s the first in a series. it’s called white whale.

more details here.

01 09 2014 interview

interview with taylor deupree

taylor deupree has an extraordinary commitment to music– creating, championing, fostering and collaborating– the catalog of his label 12k is both prolific and deeply considered. his highly refined musical and visual aesthetic is embedded in every recording, every release. his simultaneous embrace of error and imperfection along with an affinity for order and symmetry makes for complex and organic sounds and shades. he captures entire universes for us to hear and see, occupy and explore.


20 05 2014 featured


a new application for grids with computers and grids with aleph soundcomputers.

meadowphysics is a tangled cascade counter with rapid tactile rule changing. it makes emergent rhythms, melodies, layers of chords and parameter changes. it can be configured simply to act like flin or incomprehensibly to create long duration ever-changing cycles.


meadowphysics takes great advantage of the new variable-brightness grids, which are availalbe now for ordering and will ship in the coming weeks.

and! welcome the new aleph drum synth module.

16 05 2014 featured


a record label emerging from of the monome community presents its first release! from the site:

“The Leap is a record label, podcast and event based in Boston, MA and Santa Fe, NM. Founded by Adam Ribaudo (Boston) and Frank Rose (Santa Fe), The Leap features electronic music artists in monthly releases, a semi-monthly event in Boston and a podcast of said event. The Leap showcases emerging artists taking risks and contributing new ideas that stand out in what’s become a sea of electronic music.”

check it out!


13 05 2014 interview

interview with randy jones

randy jones is a musician and instrument builder whose work i’ve long admired. his designs exemplify vision, invention, and integrity in equal measure, brimming with care and a thoughtfulness that reveals the human behind the technology. he’s created an astonishing new sound palette with kaivo, designed an interface with the soundplane and still manages to find time to expertly control the dance floor with these machines and a microphone.

12 05 2014 featured


trent gill (galapagoose) performs ssensse using mlrv and the new application mesh which records live gestures into a large number of banks, allowing instant replay of past selves layered one upon another.

09 04 2014 featured

monome sum

monome sum is a new grid-based multi-instrument. it’s a collection of several favorites combined to work well together. all sounds are generated with the use of the built in synth, effects, presets and included samples. free. open-source.

much more music at soundcloud.com/kcain

29 03 2014 featured

aleph hardware source

full aleph schematics, board files, and bill of materials are now available. open source.


13 02 2014 featured

words for c74

some thoughts about making things are now up in the form of a mini-interview for cycling74.

also check out jad abumrad’s setup at wired.

12 11 2013 featured

cutting in puredata

japanese musician shingo sasahara seen here creating tumbling piano textures using an mlr variant with which i’m unfamiliar.

20 10 2013 interview

interview with morgan packard

morgan packard has a creative-technical process that explores participation, cooperation and group dynamics. his audience-guided compositions, collective built environments and immersive pattern-exploration instruments invite thoughtful engagement. his music exudes deep technical proficiency. think sonic robots, wandering dialog, and the impulsive changing of subjects- an ordered chaos that exemplifies a rigor, informed by jazz and classical studies. listen closely!


25 09 2013 interview

interview with ro

robbie crabtree synthesizes prismatic nostalgia and futuristic melodies both in music and architecture– conscious of what came before yet looking to the horizon ahead, enthusiastically delving into new adventures, falling off skateboards, climbing entire mountain ranges, low-dancing at the funk club, building with cut up dinosaurs and piles of woodchips. robbie is also “ok” at table tennis. he’s taken the family trohpy a few times. i’m still trying.


20 09 2013 featured


aleph. a new device. a longtime collaboration with ezra buchla. something quite different. we’ll be sharing the fullest details possible this coming thursday, september 26th.

we’ll be in seattle at this time, participating in the exceedingly excellent decibel festival. if you’re within reach of the northwest, do say hello.

we’re very excited to show you what we’ve been up to, and even more so to see what happens once these get into the hands of many. subscribe to the mailing list for prompt news!

27 08 2013 interview

interview with no-sir-e

aaron fisher combines, juxtaposes, and recontextualizes a variety of genres and unlikely pairings to bring a party to its proper place and feet to the dancefloor. and also to liven up the workplace– his mixes have been played quite often here at our studio. if we had the wherewithal to hire a full-time workplace DJ aaron would certainly be in the running.


21 08 2013 featured

mark eats sequencer

a wonderful custom sequencer written by LA-based musician mark wheeler, graciously shared with the public. download it at markeats.com/sequencer. check out this vine and this vine and this.

21 08 2013 interview

interview with rajatheresidentalien

raja das harnesses a terrific amount of energy which is channeled through multiple personalities: crafting meticulous music, producing extensive programming tutorials, organizing community. his writing overflows with humor, honesty, and perplexity– taking us on some strange journeys now and again but above all demonstrating the power of participation.