arc - light-encircled high resolution encoders.

teletype - algorithmic ecosystem for modular synths.

ansible - grid/arc/midi eurorack module.

isms - 120hp eurorack case with extensive added functionality. a collaboration with whimsical raps.

aleph - open dsp sound computer, the spiritual precursor to norns. a collaboration with ezra buchla.

norns shield - open source hardware to extend a standard raspberry pi to become a norns.

trilogy modules - early grid-enabled eurorack modules. white whale, meadowphysics, and earthsea. much of this functionality is integrated into ansible.

walk - dual foot pedal interface with digital logic.

old grid editions - changing since 2006.

512 - very limited 32x16 grid.

16n - open source faderbox.

tetrafol - noisy tilt object, collaboration with fol chen.

monome — updated 12/08/23