clock clock coroutines
crow Crow Module
softcut Softcut module

API for controlling the "softcut" buffer processor includes low-level setters and mid-level utilities

IMPORTANT: all indices are 1-based, per lua convention! this applies to indices for selecting voice, ADC/DAC channel, buffer, &c.

er Euclidean rhythm (
formatters Formatters
intonation "just" some intonation tables
MusicUtil Music utility module.
tabutil table utility
util Utility module


arc Arc class
audio Audio class
controlspec ControlSpec Class
encoders Encoders class
engine Engine class
grid Grid class
hid Hid class
metro high-resolution metro API
midi midi devices
osc osc device
control Control class
paramset ParamSet class
poll Poll class; API for receiving values from audio system.
screen Screen class subset of cairo drawing functions.
script Script class
BeatClock BeatClock
elca elementary cellular automata
EnvGraph Envelope graph drawing module.
FilterGraph Filter graph drawing module.
Graph Graph drawing module.
pattern pattern
UI UI widgets module.
voice experimental voice allocation module
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