an extensible electronic instrument and composition system

encompassing generalized practices and inter-ideological patterns

a mannequins + monome collaboration


isms ("-isms", \i\z\m\s\) is a eurorack modular synth case with an integrated top panel of carefully chosen fundamental circuits. necessary general functionality is densely packed into the case itself so you can focus available rack space on control and synthesis modules. rear-mount jacks are integrated into the case and out of the way of peformance. the size and proportions are designed for balance: large enough not to feel constrained, yet not so boundless as to be overwhelming. ergonomics and flexibility are central.

highlights → vactrol-based gates, output mixer and jacks, external input with envelope out and gate detection, spring reverb driver, LFO and noise, panel bus connections, headphone driver, and high-capacity clean power design.


24" x 6.75" x 1.75" — 6 lbs. — steel

120hp — 41mm module depth

sliding square nuts, metric screws included.

+12v @2A — +5v @1.5A — -12v @1.5A

bus board tucked under top row, module space is completely clear. 18 connectors.

fits incredibly well into a Pelican 1700 case (not included).

high resolution panel diagram linked below.

manual with full panel descriptions linked below.

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ships within one week.

case with utility row only (modules shown above not included).

includes power supply (internationally rated), medium spring tank, RCA cable, and short USB cable.

full systems now available →

92hp of monome+mannequins modules, flight case, and more.