future stock estimates

(updated may 12 2022)

note: we're experiencing delays due to the global component shortages which seem to be affecting basically all manufacturing. thank you for your patience.

norns - early june 2022 - the final parts are slowly arriving. we are not currently taking pre-orders, but may consider it as the date approaches.

grid - june 2022

ansible - late 2022? - a few chips we need won't be produced until sometime in 2022, we have no idea when.

teletype - late 2022 - same as above


arc - we've been considering designs for a revision or successor, but at this point can make no estimates when or if that will happen.

isms - a collaboration between whimsical raps and monome. a 120hp eurorack case with extensive added functionality.

aleph - a collaboration with ezra buchla. the spiritual precursor to norns.

trilogy modules - early eurorack modules: white whale, meadowphysics, earthsea. much of this functionality has been incorporated and extended in ansible.