future stock estimates

(updated jan 21 2022)

note: we're experiencing delays due to the global component shortages which seem to be affecting basically all manufacturing. thank you for your patience.

norns - april 2022 - despite our best hopes, further shortages and failures on promised deliveries have made it clear that we will not be able to get all of our components until the beginning of 2022. we are not currently taking pre-orders.

norns shield - february 2022 - as a note, it seems that raspberry pi 3b/3b+ stock is very low everywhere, so keep an eye out for them as we wait for shields to be back in stock

crow - february 2022

ansible - 2022? - a few chips we need won't be produced until sometime in 2022, we have no idea when.


arc - we've been considering designs for a revision or successor, but at this point can make no estimates when or if that will happen.

isms - a collaboration between whimsical raps and monome. a 120hp eurorack case with extensive added functionality.

aleph - a collaboration with ezra buchla. the spiritual precursor to norns.

trilogy modules - early eurorack modules: white whale, meadowphysics, earthsea. much of this functionality has been incorporated and extended in ansible.