grid and arc basic setup

→ download serialosc

serialosc runs in the background and converts serial communication (over USB) into OSC. applications can query serialosc to connect to the grid and arc.

**mac: use the built-in driver. you may need to remove the FTDI driver if you installed it prior: (open a terminal as paste: sudo rm -rf /Library/Extensions/FTDIUSBSerialDriver.kext)

windows: manually install the FTDI VCP driver (not the D2XX driver)

linux: see the linux setup guide

raspberry pi: see the raspbian setup guide

getting started

the max 7 monome package is a collection of applications and tools for Max 7 which can be used with the free runtime.

see the applications list for several more.


when seeking setup help be sure to include:

  • which grid or arc edition you’re using
  • which OS and version (ie, mac os 10.13.12)
  • what you’ve tried, details about what is not working