1. install the ftdi virtual com port (vcp) driver

This is the driver that communicates with the serial chip inside the monome. This is required before any software can 'talk' to the monome.

you can access the most updated drivers from the above link.


2. install serialosc

serialosc translates between serial data (hardware) and osc messages (software).

When asked, you will need to restart your computer after the installer finishes.

3. install Max

Max by Cycling '74 isn't required to use the monome, but it is the most commonly used environment and fastest way to test your setup.

Please download the full version of Max (with the free trial). Never fear, you can use the Max Runtime version (included) that never expires, and it comes with a few handy patches the Runtime-only download doesn't.

Hint: don't start the clock on the full Max 30-day trial until you're ready to start authoring your own patches. Use the runtime instead.

4. install serialosc.maxpat

This is a Max specific file that allows you to connect and configure your device with an application.

Move this file into your /Max6/patches folder:

Note: If you can't find /Max6/patches, use /Max6/Cycling '74 instead.

5. run the test app

Download monome_test. This is a Max patch designed to test input and output communication with a monome grid or arc.

Hint: drag the maxpat file onto MaxMSP Runtime to launch the runtime instead of the full version of Max. Or, launch the Max Runtime app and open the file from there.

6. next steps

Check out the applications list or some great tutorials and walkthroughs on other related software.


See the troubleshooting page to identify your problem.

search the forum or make a post if you run can't figure things out. it's a very friendly place, and there has never been a problem that we collectively could not solve.