getting started

setup guides

MacOS setup guide

Windows setup guide

Linux setup guide

If you have questions about specific applications, check the application's wiki page. Many application wiki pages provide a link to a dedicated help thread on the monome forum to centralize and focus discussion on a specific application.


troubleshooting walkthrough

If you're having trouble connecting your device to applications, work through this guide to confirm your setup is functioning correctly.

Beyond application information, the wiki provides a wealth of information on monome operation including how to's and technical resources.


If you need interactive help troubleshooting, the forum is usually your best bet to get your problem resolved quickly.

Often common issues can be resolved by using the search function.

starting a new thread

Getting good help starts with providing good information. If you have a technical question, try to provide as much relevant information as possible, such as: your computer system, OS version, what applications are involved, what type and edition of monome you're using, errors in the max window, and list the troubleshooting you've already tried.


monome can be contacted directly via email at


Interactive help is available on the monome irc channel at