mlr is a live sample-cutting platform.

written by tehn

sound files are mapped across each row of the hardware interface where playback position is indicated by a lit pad. pressing a pad within a row jumps playback to this position. jumps are quantized according to a specified subdivision. sample playback speed is mappable to a global tempo. multiple “groups” of sounds can play at once, enabling the user to have certain sounds cancel each other (like mute groups in a traditional sampler). each group has its own level, mute and meter. pattern recording module allows for recording and playback of key sequences.

a live input module allows clips to be captured in real time and immediately mapped to a row. complete feature list and documentation included with the download.

2.8 has a different file system. check the help for instructions. shift-click assigns the selected file (on the right) to the clicked row (on the left, default marked » for empty)

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