written by Peter Segerstrom

64step is a versatile sequencer/sampler designed for tight integration with the monome 40h. it is a more complete realization of step. please write peter a t flatflat.org for bugs.


64step_1.3.4.zip (updated for serialosc.maxpat)

changes in 1.3.2:

requires max5

updated for serialosc compatibility

changes in 1.3.1:

requires max/msp 4.6

Tempo and sub now save with seq data

changes in 1.2.4:

Max 4.5

Tempo and sub now save with seq data

changes in 1.3:

now requires max/msp 4.6 fixed in 1.23:

presets work with spaces in file names or path name. fixed in 1.22:

proper rewire sync dsp options bug fixed? new in version 1.2:

tap tempo audio output record midi beat clock sync dsp options midi continuous controller data for volume control. *note, many features may still be in experimental mode. post feedback about bugs to the forum thread linked above.

now for both osX and windows. This will evolve into a help page about the app based on questions that arise in the forum.