song repattern instrument

created by: sleepersecond

prefix: /skrub

tessell is a sampling instrument. designed to work with complete songs instead of short samples. think of it as a virtual cassette tape player with standard functions such as play. stop. and loop.

once a song is loaded. by default the app loops the first 1000ms (1 second) of the song. now it is up to you where to put that 1000ms loop length within the loaded song thus you get that jumping or “repatterning” audio effect.

there are also a two built-in reverse effects;

1second reverse function (<); reverses your audio for 1 second, then plays back to normal

reverse all patterns function («); reverses all the audio

. . .


tessell_v2a.zip (latest version: Max 7 & serialosc)

tessell_v2.zip (now with midi faders and keyboard / mouse controls)

tessell_v.1.1 -old and rusty- (added DSP options)

tessell_v.1 -very old and rusty-

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