ml(ive)r is an adaptation of Tehn's mlr for Ableton Live (Max For Live). It allows to play in mlr style directly with the Live audio clips (also allows to play reverse and stutter processing).

For Monome 64, 128 and 256. Arc 2 and 4 are optionnal (allows to play in scratch style).

created by: alexaugier



v1.0.2.1 : add everything about ternary rhythms (for monome 128H and 256)

  • add steps menu (8/12/16) (12 for ternary rythm)
  • add ternary quantize (24n, 12n, 6n, 3n)
  • add ternary stutter

v1.0.2.2 :

  • fixed bug : add unit 5 in ml(ive)r patch
  • add “sync ml(ive)r with Live”. if you select “scene”, when you change a scene, ml(ive)r stop.

v1.0.2.3 :

  • best system to “sync ml(ive)r with Live”. In each module (ml(ive)r_main and ml(ive)r), you have to select “track”, then select the track index (for example, if your module is in the track 2, select 2). when you change clip (directly or when you change a scene), ml(ive)r stop. If you remove the stop button in the track, ml(ive)r continues to play.

Further information

Folder have to contain 2 files M4L (ml(ive)r_main.axmd and ml(ive)r.axmd) and the user manual (ml(ive)r_doc.pdf)

Check the PDF in the download .zip for more info.

Thanks to Karaokaze and Galapagoose for the incredible support.

Please submit suggestions and feedback via the forum thread at